Damaged Car During Transport? Here’s What to Do

A damaged car upon arrival at your place can be heartbreaking after all the hard work that you have put into achieving it. When your car gets damaged during transport, there are things you can do to protect your interest.

First, remember the insurance coverage of your car’s transport. While researching about the shipping company’s insurance should happen before the contract is signed, you should be able to have some notes or copies about the damage claims.

Another major thing to do is take as much evidence as possible. For example, comparing your car before it was shipped and its condition upon arrival is a good way to establish a contrast of quality. Every damaged component should have undeniable proof that could only be incurred while in transit.

If you receive a damaged car, don’t panic. Make sure the driver knows what has happened. Call your transport company to get things sorted and do this as soon as possible. Discuss the situation and provide the necessary details. Send over some photo or video evidence for them.

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