Exploring the Basics of Military Vehicle Shipping


Military vehicle shipping is one of our car transport services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This service is tailored specifically for active and retired military personnel. A permanent change of station (PCS) can be overwhelming on short notice. Hence, we offer our services to make it a stress-free moving experience. Here, we talk about the basics of military vehicle shipping.

  • Options for military relocations.

    Personally procured move is when the government reimburses military personnel for moving their belongings themselves. With this option, you will have to personally turn in your vehicle at the nearest vehicle processing center. The other option is using a government-issued transport company.

  • The cost of military shipping.

    The cost of military shipping varies but is usually calculated per mile, depending on the distance. As a car transportation agency in New York, our rates are highly competitive. Our shipping rates include a discount for active-duty veterans, military dependents, and more.

    To save costs during a PCS, minimize your vehicle weight and size by removing unnecessary items and accessories from your vehicle to reduce excess weight. You can also time your relocation during off-peak seasons or on non-holiday periods when shipping rates are more competitive.

  • Preparing for your shipment.

    To arrange military PCS vehicle shipping in San Francisco, be sure to prepare the essential details. In addition to the date, location, and time frame of our shipment, you will also need to prepare the following: Vehicle details (identification number, model, make, and year), proof of vehicle operability and ownership, PCS order documentation and photo identification, and car insurance policy details.

Arrange direct vehicle transportation in New Jersey with Uzhaul Transportation LLC, your reliable automobile transportation provider. Get in touch with us to inquire about our military PCS vehicle shipping services.


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