Open or Closed? Which Auto Transport to Go

Finally, you have officially purchased your dream car, but in a lot of cases, your dream car is yet to arrive at your location. Getting your car from where it is now to where you will be receiving it requires some car transport services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to be possible.

Your car dealer may have discussed the car transport options available. There are two choices – closed auto transport or open carrier car transport in Baltimore.

The difference between the two is made apparent in how the car is exposed throughout the journey.

Open transport means your car is loaded on an open trailer. If you can recall seeing vehicles on a trailer when on the road, the image pretty much looks the same. A closed car transport means the carrier has enclosed the car on all sides – leaving no visibility to anyone on the road about the trailer’s content.

Open transport is a very convenient and more affordable option. The loading and unloading seem pretty straightforward, and the resources are efficiently used to achieve a lower price tag. But when you are cautious about your high-value auto, concealing its form can be great for its safety. The price may be on the higher end, but you get premium support as well.

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