The Difference Between RO/RO and Vehicle Shipping

A RO/RO (Roll-on/Roll-off) ship and a vehicle carrier are both types of vessels used for vehicle transport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but they differ in their design and operational characteristics.

A RO/RO ship is specifically designed to carry wheeled cargo, including cars, trucks, buses, and heavy machinery. It features ramps or doors at the stern or sides of the ship, allowing vehicles to be driven directly onto the vessel and secured in designated parking spaces. The name “roll-on/roll-off” comes from the ability to easily roll the vehicles on and off the ship. RO/RO ships typically have multiple decks to maximize cargo capacity, and they may also transport other types of cargo besides vehicles. These vessels are commonly used for short sea routes and frequent port calls.

On the other hand, a vehicle carrier, also known as a car carrier or car transporter, is specifically designed for vehicle moving services in Memphis. It is a specialized ship that typically has multiple decks with a high capacity for vehicles.

Unlike a RO/RO ship, a vehicle carrier is an enclosed carrier car transport in California with enclosed decks and walls to protect the vehicles from the elements during transit. It may have dedicated ramps or internal elevators to facilitate the loading and unloading of vehicles. Vehicle carriers are often used for long-distance shipping routes, including transoceanic journeys.

While both types of vessels are designed to transport vehicles, the key difference lies in the design and purpose. RO/RO ships are versatile and can transport a variety of wheeled cargo, while vehicle carriers are specifically designed to transport automobiles, providing added protection and security during transit.

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