Understanding the Costs of Enclosed Carrier Transport


Enclosed auto transport is a shipping option where you can have your high-end vehicles transported with extra protection. Unlike open carrier car transport in Baltimore, this service includes an enclosed trailer that is equipped to protect your vehicle from debris and weather. 

This makes it a good option for transporting your customized, luxury, classic, or expensive vehicle over long distances. To gain a better understanding of the costs involving enclosed carrier car transport in California, we will break down the factors that affect car shipping costs:

  • Type of Vehicle

    When it comes to vehicle transport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the make and model of your car can influence the shipping price. Cars are typically weighed before shipping to determine the cost. Smaller vehicles are often lighter and less expensive and easier to transport than bigger, heavier vehicles.

  • Car Condition

    Is your vehicle in good working condition? If the car does not function properly, additional equipment like a truck or forklift may be necessary to winch the car into the trailer. This adds to the cost of vehicle moving services in Memphis.

  • Distance

    The distance for enclosed auto transport also affects the price. While the cost per mile is lower the further the distance is, short-distance shipping still has fuel costs. Hence, shipping your vehicle over a short distance may cost as much as shipping it across the country.

  • Remote Area Shipping

    Shipping your vehicle may be more challenging if you reside in a rural area. The location and geography may mean the waiting time for pick-up and delivery can be longer which translates into a higher cost.

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