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See what other customers have to say about their experience with one of the top-rated car transport companies:

Jurabek Annaev
Jurabek Annaev
Good company
Joanna theriot
Joanna theriot
Excellent service. Very easy to work with. Timely. I have used them twice so far and will use them again in the future.
Diana Valbuena
Diana Valbuena
I was very nervous using a transportation company to take my car from California to San Antonio. Jason kept me in the loop regarding my car and delivery to Tx. Excellent experience!
Ariana Jorge
Ariana Jorge
Received my car with in 2 days, everything went smooth ! The driver was nice, and the person I was texting for updates was super communicative and would send me updates without me having to reach out first. Definitely recommend them.
Let's Go USA Transportation
Let's Go USA Transportation
great communication. We will be happy to work with you again!
Larry Rice
Larry Rice
Shaw was great and the company is incredible. Work on the terms and conditions. Would love to work again with Uzhaul Transportation LLC
Giray Gunes
Giray Gunes
Jason was very helpful arranging the drop off! Thank you guys
Sisoeli A
Sisoeli A
Three nights after the car was picked up by UZhaul, another driver showed up from UZhaul with the same Bill of Lading for the same car. That's when our panic began. When finally got a hold of the dispatcher the next day, we were told that 'the car was already passing through Texas, and this second driver was mistaken since they double booked 2 drivers for one job'. Since then, until the final delivery which took 9 days from AZ to NJ. Every time we try to get any update, they could not give us a location confirmation, and told us that 'the truck is stuck in traffic' and GPS was having an issue'. Granted there was one night of heavy storm in the East. I ended up missing days of work waiting for the car as they kept on mis-informing us 'today is the delivery day' for 3 days, but no contact until late at night. At the end, 3 days past the schedule delivery date, we were so grateful that a 'local' driver in NJ named Sho called us and was able to get a hold of the truck driver and arranged to get us the GPS confirmation and picture of the car. (The driver who sent the picture was indeed the same 'mistaken' driver who showed up in AZ 3 days after the car was picked up) The car was delivered the next morning. we did not end up taking a Uber to get the car at Walmart as instructed by the dispatcher. Sho was able to bring the car around to a train station parking lot in walking distance. What a relief after so many days of scare ans stress. This local driver, Sho was extremely very professional and took the ownership of the issue and made it all fair. I do hope this was an isolated incident. The car was delivered in good condtion with no added mileage. UZhaul has electronic BOL which they send out immediatedly after pick-up and delivery. Thank you very much Sho of UZhaul!
Elijah Bigelbach
Elijah Bigelbach
In the car business, we rarely find vendors that live up to our expectations as well as their own promises. These guys and gals are the real deal. Consummate professionals with great communication skills all the way around. TLDR If you're looking for a reliable affordable and prompt vehicle transporter, you've found em!
Karen Possemato
Karen Possemato
These guys were amazing! Very good communication, very fast delivery, a pleasure to work with

3 Easy Steps to Reliable Auto Transport Services

1. Request a Quote and book Your Booking

Use our online car shipping calculator to instantly get your free car shipping quote.

2. We load your vehicle onto a trailer.

Your assigned car shipping agent will contact you a few hours before pick-up.

3. Your vehicle is delivered to you

The car transport carrier will contact you a few hours before delivery.

4 Compelling Reasons to Choose UZ Haul

Get Instant Nationwide Car Shipping Quotes

Whether you're shipping a car across the country or to a neighboring state, our streamlined process ensures that we calculate auto transport costs faster and more accurately than any other car moving company. Our advanced technology and experienced team enable us to provide quick and reliable quotes, ensuring you get the best service at competitive rates.

Professional Car Transport Services

Our team of car transport service professionals elevates vehicle shipping to a superior standard. We're not simply movers; we're passionate enthusiasts dedicated to providing reliable and efficient car transport solutions. With years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure your vehicle arrives safely and on time, no matter the distance or destination. Trust us to handle your car transport needs with professionalism and care, making us the preferred choice for discerning customers nationwide.

Top-Rated Vehicle Shipping Services

Each year, our auto transport services satisfy tens of thousands of customers. When you seek a top-tier vehicle transport company, UZ Haul is your ultimate choice. We consistently deliver exceptional service, ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination safely and efficiently. Count on us for reliable, hassle-free car transport solutions that exceed your expectations every time.

Car Shipping Solutions For Everyone

Whether you're moving for school or acquiring a vehicle from an online auction, UZ Haul provides customized vehicle transport services designed to meet the needs of every customer and situation. Count on us to ensure your vehicle is safely transported to its destination, no matter the circumstances.

Our Services By Type

Open Car Transport

Open auto transport is the most popular car shipping service. It's easy to arrange, convenient, and offers excellent value for money. Your car, along with other vehicles, is transported using an open trailer by a car shipping company.

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed auto transport, also known as enclosed vehicle transport or enclosed carrier auto transport, offers extra protection for your vehicle. If you own a high-end car, classic car, or custom car, enclosed transport is the ideal choice to safely move your vehicle

Ship Car To Another State

There are several ways to transport a car from one state to another: using a tow dolly or trailer, hiring a professional driver, driving it yourself, or sending it by train. However, the most convenient, and affordable option is state-to-state auto transport.

Express Shipping Service

In the world of auto transport, standard shipping times are typically followed. However, when time is critical, expedited options are available. Last-minute car shipping can have your vehicle picked up within 1-2 business days.

Door to Door service

Door-to-door auto transport is just what it sounds like. One of our car carriers will pick up your vehicle directly from your location and deliver it straight to your destination. Get a free quote today.

Guaranteed Car Pick-up Services
Guaranteed Car Pick-up Service

A car pick-up service ensures both you and your vehicle get home safely, making it ideal for short distances. However, for cross-country travel, an auto transport service is more affordable and convenient.

Curious about the cost of shipping a car with us?

Our Services By Need

Buy A Car Online

Can I purchase a car online and have it delivered? Finding your dream car locally isn't always feasible. That's why many people opt to buy their latest set of wheels online. Arrange your auto transport today.

Car Relocation Services

Car relocation offers a convenient solution for shipping your vehicle across the country. Simply tell us where your car needs to go, and we'll ensure it's picked up and delivered as close to your preferred address as possible.

Classic Car Transport

Classic car shipping, also known as exotic, luxury, expensive, or antique car transport, is a specialized auto transport service tailored for owners of valuable vehicles like exotic, luxury, classic, and sports cars.

Military Car Shipping

Military car shipping, also referred to as military auto transport, is a service designed exclusively for military personnel, including both active duty and retired members. This service accommodates sudden permanent change-of-station (PCS) orders to relocate to a new military base.

Snowbirds Car Shipping

Snowbird car shipping is an auto transport service utilized by individuals traveling to southern states like Florida for the winter months and returning home in the spring. Snowbird car shipping conserves time, money, vehicle wear and tear, and hassle. Get a free quote today.

Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle shipping is a convenient service that allows you to transport your motorcycle to different locations. It saves time, money, and the hassle of riding long distances or arranging alternative transportation.

Having your car delivered with UZ Haul is simple and straightforward.

UZ Haul specializes in nationwide vehicle delivery, including Hawaii. Our federally licensed, 5-star car transport service offers door-to-door shipping for most destinations. With a network of over 20,000 reliable carriers, you have the flexibility to choose when and how your vehicle is picked up, shipped, and delivered. Whether it’s interstate purchases, moving to islands, military transport, or delivering luxury and vintage cars, UZ Haul ensures affordable and prompt car shipping with trusted service.




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Curious about the cost of shipping a car with us?

Frequently asked car shipping questions

Here's everything you need to know about our dependable auto transport services:

You can place personal items, up to 100 lbs, in a box or single piece of luggage stored in the trunk during transport.

Once you place an order, we search our car carrier network to find a trucker to transport your vehicle. We will assign the best available option and provide you with an estimated pickup time. The trucker will contact you to confirm the details in advance.

Certainly! Your vehicle is protected by the carrier’s cargo insurance. We also maintain our own contingent cargo insurance, providing coverage up to $200,000 in case the trucker’s policy does not fully cover a legitimate claim.



We do not offer online customer tracking. For the most precise, up-to-date location details regarding your shipment, please reach out to us directly.



The cost of shipping a car depends on several factors specific to your shipment. These include the distance of transport, whether expedited service is required, your vehicle’s make and model, its condition, size, and weight. Seasonal demand and your choice between open or closed transport also influence pricing. For accurate, instant quotes any time, visit our UZHAUL vehicle shipping price calculator. You’ll receive a fast, free quote with no personal information required. We strive to offer competitive rates without compromising on service quality as your trusted auto transporter.



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