Car Transport Services You Never Thought You Needed

Choosing a reliable and highly-rated car transportation agency in New York comes with many perks you never thought you needed. And we can assure you that you won’t be able to find better deals elsewhere.

Below are some of the reasons you should choose us to provide you with car transport services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

  • Free Car Wash
    We will provide up to $20 of car wash services if you ship a car with us. All you have to do is email a photo of the receipt to our customer service rep and your request will be processed within 5 days.
  • Price Match and Price Lock
    We can help you save money on car transportation costs if you ship with us. Show us the rates of other competitor providers and we will match them! And after giving you a price estimate, the price is locked! You won’t have to worry about hidden fees.
  • No Deposit and No Upfront Payment
    When asking for quotes, you are not obligated to fill out our forms and ship them with us. And if you decide to use our services, you will only be charged once your car is already dispatched. Plus, on specific routes, we will not charge a deposit.

Do you need car pick-up services in Midland? Look no further than Uzhaul Transportation LLC. We aim to provide quality transportation services at competitive rates. We want to help you get your vehicle to your desired destination on time.

For open carrier car transport in Baltimore and more, you may contact us at 717-889-4285.

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