Helpful Tips in Preparing for Car Transport

Because we provide direct vehicle transportation in New Jersey, we are already experienced in helping our clients prepare for their car transport. Below is a helpful guide to help you (and us) make the whole process more seamless and hassle-free:

  • Gather all the documents needed to prove the car is yours. This is usually the most important requirement when shipping a vehicle. This includes the vehicle registration information, bill of sale, proof of insurance, your ID, and the original vehicle title.
  • Wash your car including the interior. You may ask, why and what’s the point? It may seem like you’re just washing your car only to get it dirty but it can actually help you see new damages or scratches that may occur during the transport service.
  • Remove any personal items inside the car such as charging cables, water bottles, sunglasses, chapsticks, and other junk. You might think that you can just stash some boxes to save on shipping but these items are actually not insured against theft or damage.

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